The Media Kiosk Professionals:

Real Media Solutions (RMS) is a "kiosk" promotions, or circulation promotions newspaper subscription sales & acquisition company. Specializing in the acquisition of new home delivery and paid online content customers; we staff and schedule co-promotions at grocery stores, retail stores, trade shows, festivals, and special events.

RMS Newspaper Subscription Kiosk Services

RMS helps newspapers reach circulation, retention, and budget goals.
RMS helps Media Companies grow their business through direct consumer marketing promotions at grocery stores, retail stores, trade shows, festivals, and special events..

In-Store Kiosk Circulation Promotions:

Real Media Solutions partners with local retail and grocery store locations on behalf of newspapers to establish ongoing in-store co-promotions commonly referred to as Gift Card Partner Programs. Scheduled promotions feature portable kiosk stations where customers can interact with RMS representatives and enter for a chance to win a Gift Card Shopping Spree and exclusive newspaper subscription offers. Additional incentives include a store brand gift card that can be used to encourage customers to enroll in EZ-Pay.

In-store kiosk subscription sales programs:

Are used throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Benefit both newspapers and grocery or retail stores. Feature the highest retention rates second only to voluntary subscriptions. Help stores ensure that customers are aware of sales and coupons. Newspapers often run promotional ads prior to each store visit that announce the subscription and gift card offer co-promotion. This ensures higher traffic on the day of your promotion.

Gift Card Program Partners benefit from numerous factors including:

Increased gift card revenue. Exposure. New clientele. Return business. Single copy sales. Insert circulation. Overall customer loyalty. RMS can establish and maintain a consistent and cost-effective newspaper subscription sales program in 30 days or pick up where a similar program left off with minimal production loss during the transition. Store Directors and customers alike find the RMS Gift Card Partner Program kiosk presence enjoyable, unobtrusive, and entertaining. Grocery and retail locations often note that single copy sales noticeably increase due to increased product awareness.

Event Sales:

Trade shows, festivals, and special events are ideal environments for the acquisition of prepaid home delivery customers. We use a proven sales approach that makes the most of each opportunity and offers many of the same benefits of in-store promotions. Companies throughout the country are welcome to contact RMS to cover special events.


RMS provides specialized consulting services in the areas of direct consumer marketing sales campaign program start-up and development, as well as on- site assistance in the recruitment, training, and management of sales partners out in the field. All training materials, handbooks, recruitment ads, and documents necessary for daily operations and order processing—right down to the order forms—can be customized to the client’s specific needs and bundled into one affordable package.

Rick Sheill


Founder Richard Sheill started RMS in 2006 after honing the essential skills and knowledge through years of hands-on experience out in the field; during which time he personally sold more than 20,000 newspaper subscriptions and recruited hundreds of sales reps. Developing and maintaining numerous markets around the country provided a unique insight into what makes a team successful. The efficiency, flexibility, and effectiveness of RMS reflect a real-world awareness of how today’s kiosk programs must constantly adapt and improve in order to keep up with an ever-changing business landscape.

Stephen Dugan

National Account Director

Stephen Dugan joined RMS in 2007 from the closely related field of credit card promotions; where he led teams at hundreds of trade shows, festivals, and retail locations throughout the United Sates and Canada on behalf of Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Drawing from over 20 years experience in intercept promotions, he produces up to 40 new subscriptions per day while applying his leadership and management skills to helping RMS representatives meet or exceed their personal income goals by remaining focused and maintaining a positive, professional attitude.

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